About Lily

Being an affiliate marketer is hard work as everything else! If you think earning money at home on your laptop without doing any work, it’s impossible!

I love affiliate marketing is just something that I enjoy doing. I do love my freedom and I do plan my days very thoroughly so I can enjoy the most of my time!

How I Started My Journey On the Online World

I started my journey on the online world just to make a couple bucks every other week, I started looking online for ways and as I was only a beginner so I looked for something easy. I found so many things that I was overwhelmed so I kept searching and I found surveys which is very easy but the pay was not very good but at the time I was happy taking one hour of my day to answer surveys.

I Wanted More

I looked for more money as definitely surveys were not delivering my expectations, so there I was trying to found another way to earn money so I kept looking until I found a trading online platform that was very promissing.

The deal was you invest £150 and they have this database where they find the best deals and make your money multiplicative which its very tempting right! Yeah I thought the same seeing your money duplicate or triplicate by the minute is like your dreams made true.

I tried to invest my money from the surveys into the trading platform and to my surprise it was all a scam!!! My card was blocked from the bank for my luck and I was lucky that I only lost £150.

I Tried Again!

There I was again not getting scared that the hypotheses of getting scammed again! I was not let the fear guide me, so I saw a friend of mine was selling shoes on Facebook and I was interested so there I was trying once more to make money I talked her and she showed me the ropes and I started my own Facebook Page selling shoes and accessories and it was alright for a while but it was not practical at all I had was boxes around my house full of boxes, and I had to send by mail and spend part of the money of the selling which it was not very good thing in a long run.

Then Found The Real Deal!

After a success now I looked for something without so much work and then I found Ecommerce, and Referrals.

One day I was reading this post about this place called Wealthy Affiliate and that actually changed my life!

I have done more money than all I have done pretty much all my life before Wealthy Affiliate.

Now I Want To Help You

Now I want to share with you the chance of succeed on the online business.

I want tell you all about the affiliate marketing, the scams around internet that loads of people fall for it like I did.

I want to help you find the best type of online income from home.

All the best,