How To Make Money Online With Surveys

You want to spend 1 hour of your life and earn £10 to £15? Well surveys is what you looking for!

Surveys is been in the lists of many people.

They’re very easy to do, You normally spend in between 5 to 15 min to complete a survey.

The rewards consist on each different websites. Some websites offer cash, vouchers or prize draws ranging from 0.10p to £50.

Best Surveys:

  • Swagbucks
  • Toluna
  • MySurvey
  • OnePoll
  • i-Say (IPSOS)


Surveys You Should Avoid:

  • Click 4 Surveys
  • Dollar Cell
  • LegitPaidOnlineSurveys
  • Maximum Paid Surveys


There is a lot of choices on surveys!

That’s how I started on my journey online!

It’s a great choice If you want to take up to one hour a day every day and earn up to £10/15. It’s the perfect part-time job.



  • Steve

    Thanks so much for your article! In the past I have always come across surveys as a way to make some extra money on the side, however, I was usually hesitant to sign up because of the different stories I’ve heard. I never knew what would be legitimate or a scam. Thanks so much for highlighting those to look at and those to stay away from as I feel more confident in making a decision. Would you recommend any of those as the overall best?

    • Lily

      Hi there Steve, I’ve been in that place where I  couldn’t trust any site. But my favorite  is Swaggbucks. 

      Thank you,


  • alexandra

    I have a hard time enjoying the survey part. I have tried. I have sat there for 40 minutes filling out a survey just to get the reply that I do not qualify. Do you get paid for your efforts with these ones even if you do not qualify? Or will they actually give you surveys you are qualified for?

    • Lily

      Some surveys they give you some points for trying, and some surveys asks your interests and if you are interested in various subjects.

  • joel

    Simple page and straightforward to the subject, I like about the best to use and those to avoid. The posts explain clearly of what you have to do to become a surveyor. Very useful for everyone who wants to make money with online surveys. This gave me inspiration and motivation and I am going to give it a try, but given the little time, I have to start, which one should I choose first? 

    • Lily

      I would go for swaggbucks they are very good with the surveys and the payments as well never had problems with them. 

      Hope I could help. 

      Thank you.

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