• Dave

    As an online entrepreneur, I am always looking for ways to leverage my skills and abilities. I am familiar with Fiverr but Upwork is something that I never looked into. It seems like a great way to make extra money, even if they do have their issues (banning members for no reason, multiple unpaid gigs). I will definitely need to check this one out. 

    • Lily

      Some people have had some problems with them but i would give more blame to people who doesn’t pay the freelancer but as I say everyone should do contracts in first hand and know first who those people are and if you can trust them in the slightest. But overall a good platform!


  • Gary Burke

    A nicely laid out site. Easy to follow and each section is in readable chunks.
    I found the information was very relevant to the topic and kept me engaged throughout.
    Well Done.

  • Kira Price

    Freelancing is my favorite life lesson. It has taught me how confident I am in myself and patience. I have been tested so much and wanted to quit so many times. I fell and got right back up. I stick to my training and I learn something new everyday with internet marketing 

    • Lily

      Hey Kira, That’s great you should be proud of yourself to stick with your guns and don’t quit. Life is a lesson just make sure you use it wisely. Thanks for your time dear.


  • Danny Barley

    I believe you did a great job on your discussion with Upwork.  You dissected Upwork and you told us exactly what Upwork was. a freelancer website.  You went over the popular jobs available at Upwork and you discussed how being a freelancer, you could get in touch with the Employer and discuss with him/her exactly what they wanted.  You also discussed the fees with Upwork as well.  I enjoyed your overall discussion over the pros and cons and you showed us how to set up and account and list all of our education and qualifications.  I your review you also discussed why it wasn’t a scam.I really enjoyed your article.  Keep up the great work!

    • Lily

      Hi Danny, thank you for the kind words it feels great to have some kind of gratification after such hard work to come with an honest review, definitely going to keep working on more blog posts! 

      Thank you for your time!


  • Ian

    I have used Upwork to get jobs done for me for quite some time and have generally had positive experiences. I find a good range of people to choose from and can normally find someone to do an acceptable job for an amount I am comfortable to pay. Your explanation regarding the individual’s skill levels is very thorough and easy to understand. The only problems I have encountered have been people overstating their abilities.

    I agree Upwork is 100% legit and people should consider it for outsourcing as well as freelancing.

    • Lily

      Hi Ian,

      That is true some people abuse the perks that this platform gives you and very often you see that the abilities don’t match the skills you hope to have.

      There’s lot of people earning very good money with Upwork you just need to find the right persons.

      Thank you for your helpful comment it makes my blog credible as you are signed up with them and you know the platform as well. 


  • Promise joshua

    Good content. but still needs more work.

    Upwork is just like freelancer and feverr. Don’t think there is any much difference. But just like you said, scammers are everywhere and that doesn’t make the program illegitimate. 

    You will need to work more on content creation. For example, when you talk about the good, link it to how it can affect me, this will increase the size of your content creation. You should incorporate links to your site with easy without telling them where to go.

     For instance, you wrote ”To start with you need to have a login account with Upwork, you will need to go to the Upwork Website”.  you can write instead, To start with you need to have an account with Upwork. the underlined will be linked to the affiliate promotion.

  • Merlynmac

    Thanks for the great overview.  I’m actually a network engineer by trade and had not heard of upwork until now.

    I’m intrigued but also apprehensive.  20% is a bit high.  I understand the more I work for a particular client the less I’ll pay in fees over time but that’s still a big hurdle to start with.

    Add to that an unknown pool of competition and I’m just not sure if it’s right for me, not to mention I’m still employed full-time so I’d be looking for after hours or flexible work.

    Based on the score you gave them, I’m leaning toward not giving them a try.  Had I not seen this I might have spent a lot of time getting nowhere.

    Thank you,


    • Lily

      Hi Scott, it is true one of the bad things is that they take a big chunk of your pay check which is not fair on my eyes,  and lot’s of people have been scammed and the site support haven’t done much there my lowest rating. 

      Thank you very much for your time!


  • GVporras

    I been recommended to used Upwork and I didn’t know what to expect but with this review you gave me a better idea on how this platform works.This platform looks to be a great place to make extra but since I’m a beginner I should try fiverr to get more experience.

    Thank you for sharing this great review about Upwork very well explain it.

    • Lily

      Hi there, I do think it is better if you start with fiverr as you can start having some experience and it is easier to get jobs on Fiverr. 

      Thank you for your time in commenting!


  • Riaz Shah

    Excellent review Lily,

    And timely too, I just created an Upwork account and learning over YouTube on how to get started but I was surprised on the unpaid gigs part. Really scary knowing that part, I wouldn’t want to be spending all those hours creating articles but not being paid for them! I’m curious about the payment part though, does the seller pay us directly or do they pay Upwork and in turn Upwork pay us knowing that there’s a fee for that?

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