IZEAx the influence marketing!

IZEA The Money Maker!

IZEA its very cool for many reasons. IZEA can work with website or on its own.

They created the modern influenced marketing industry in 2006. Starting to pay bloggers to create content for another brands.

Now they are a NASDAQ traded company working with the world’s top Marketers and Creators from Big Brands.

IZEA its essentially a platform where you get paid to leverage social media influence’s to create a brand and distribute it on social media or tor sell your articles to big brands, agencies, top media, organizations and the world’s largest newspaper publishers.Big brands IZEA works with!

They have three different plans where you can join:

  • -> IZEAx Discover

The Discovery Plan charges $149/per month. Discovery plan can help you find content creators, people to work with or even online influences.


Included in a monthly membership:

  • 100 Searches Per Month
  • Unlimited Lists
  • Unlimited VizSearch
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Audience demographic data
  • 5 Exports



  • -> IZEAx Unity Suit

Unity Suit can help you build your own brand with all the access to all platform full of professional content creators and editors to help you with articles, blog posts, e-books, photos and so much more for a relative commission.

This platform helps grow your brand in a very easy way and to find the best content to your brand and to find new niches creators through visual search results of the content they create by their latest feature VixSearch.

This platform you only can use it after the IZEA team access your brand and your budget!


Included in IZEAx Unity Suite:

  • Discover

Search through the industry’s largest Creator network.

You can filter channel’s, demographics, and location to find the right Creators.

  • Engage

They have a good communication with influencers and creators for open bidding, direct offers, and in-app messaging.

  • Create

Build articles, info graphics, photos, and video assets to power robust content marketing programs.

  • Transact

Accounting its very easy with two-way bidding, direct offers, and secure payments for campaign expenses.

IZEA simplifies campaign budgets by keeping track of all payments in one only place.

  • Distribute

Leverage of multiple social media to influence and distribute your brand.

  • Measure

Monitor all your content performance in real-time for any reach, engagements, and organic interactions across each campaignIZEA marketers vs creators

  • -> Managed Services

Managed Services is a fully managed solution for Influenced Marketing campaigns and custom content creation.

They do schedule consultations and they will guide you through every step from strategy, to creation, to project management, to optimization and reporting so you can get the most for your money.

IZEA’s technology let’s their clients to purchase paid promotion through social network ad platforms using an influence’s account instead of their own.

Content is promoted by an individual influences rather than a brand, leading to increased engagement and affinity.

This technology allows brands to gain access to larger reach, target audiences and back into performance metrics and in the end to generate sales.

example of a IZEA profile

How it Works?

You just set custom budgets and track the performance of these creator-generated ad units through API integration directly within IZEA.



My Final Thoughts

IZEA its a great platform if you want to expand your brand to the roof and earn proper money with it. I do believe if you are in E-commerce this is an amazing platform to expand your brand.

Or if you just like to create content then its an amazing opportunity to earn a few bucks or even be recognized by top brands you never know!

Hope you liked this post!

If you did share your thoughts and what did you think about IZEA on the comment section and share it with your friends!

Thank you very much,





  • Dave

    I had not come across Izea until this review. As a blogger, making money online is an important piece of what you do. Learning how to market your skills and crafts is something that makes working online so lucrative but also frustrating. Izea seems to have everything figured out as they are the bridge between advertisers and bloggers. This is definitely a system I need to try. 

  • Kira Price

    I find that making money online isn’t overnight. I would like it to be but it has been hard work finding a niche and sticking to it and growing with it. Building a brand has been tough. May be it is because I am doing it on my own. I have thought about joining something like IZEA or hiring someone to do all the engaging for me. I just feel I am not good at it. What do you suggest?

    • Lily

      Hi Kira,

      I do understand that you might have some difficulties but it’s for that reason you should join IZEA as they will help you with every step, they make your website and brand grow in no time! Just look for yourself and see what is like!

      Thank you for your time if you need anything send a message and I will try to answer you the quickest I can!


  • Chris Anyomi

    I am new to this business but the descriptive features of Izea has captured my attention. It looks great for beginners and the packages in terms is also wonderful. This is going to be a great platform for aspiring affiliate geniuses. I think Izea will make my journey in affiliate marketing easier than I think.

    • Lily

      Hi Chris, IZEA has the power to make things happen faster than normal that’s why I love that site! It has helped so many people it’s incredible.

      Thank you for your time and I hope you have a wonderful journey!


  • Seun Afotanju

    This is an informative review about izea, this site doesn’t really ring a bell few moments before taking time to read this post. When it comes to expanding my brand and making an extra income online, it’s going to be worth it. I am certainly going to give this a try on my website and see how it helps me. Thanks once again.

  • Judy

    Hi Lily. I did indeed like this post. I have not heard of Izea but I will check it out further.  It sounds like a very good way to get more recognition as a content writer. They seem to work with some well known brands so a good market is almost guaranteed. 

    • Lily

      Hi Judy,

      They definitively do a great job bringing up new brands and websites I do think it’s worth it check it out at least! 

      Thank you for your time to comment and share your opinion.


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