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Do you want to earn money doing something that you love? Do you like Insta, Twitter and Facebook?Rep App Feed

What do you think of posting posts get thousands of followers and earn money at the same time, would you like that?

Don’t worry I got you covered!

The Rep App it’s an influencer app and literally it’s the easiest thing ever.

How to start Rep and influence all your friends?

1. Need to download the app on to your phone

2. Then you can sign in and login with Facebook or Email.

3. Link your Instagram account.

And that’s it YOU are done, easy as that!

How to Earn Money With Rep, You Ask?Gift card being offered by rep on raffles!

Well that’s easy do not worry!

To make money now you need to have 1k followers and more followers than the amount you are following now to access to Offers that are on your side bar with a briefcase on it.

So if you don’t have 1k followers do not despair!

On the feed you can always find people offering ways to get more followers.

You also have the chance to win prizes with RAFFLES.

You can join the Raffles with tickets that you can earn 5 tickets from just spending time in the app, invite friends to join Rep with your referral code and earn 25 tickets. If any person that signs up with your code and has more than 50k followers you will get 125 tickets.

The raffles are sorted randomly every two weeks with chances of winning gifts.

After 1k Followers What To Do?

After you have 1k followers you can apply to Offers in order to participate in promotions. Make your price, this probably will depend on the number of followers.

After you are able to promote something you will get your pay where Rep takes 5% for self-managed hires and 20% for those who run through their mass-targeting campaigns.

How Do They Pay?

Well as many other apps and websites, Rep has a very easy way to make payments. Payments can be done by Credit Cards or Stripe Accounts.

When you have posted something notify the brand so they can release the payment, this can take between 5 to 7 days for you to get your money in your account.

When you are on a Pay Per Click Offer payments will be released every 7 days until the budget has finished.

My Final Thoughts On Rep! Join Rep.

Rep App can change your life it has changed thousands of people around the world just by doing what you already doing all this years posting photos on Instagram so tell me now, why not earn money from it? It’s not like you don’t post already photos of yourself, food, traveling, parties, art, to be honest with you there are No limits!

Hope you have enjoyed this post!

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