The dragon's Den Scam!

XtraderXF Review – The Dragons Den Scam!

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I found XtraderXF when I saw a post about the BBC Dragon’s Den when two best friends went to do a pitch about bitcoin. The dragon’s had invested live on the website and the money just in less than five minutes has multiplied, the dragons wanted immediately to invest £200.000.

With the obvious success of the platform with his big numbers multiplying every single day the user only needs to invest on an initial deposit of £250 for a Bitcoin position and then the platform works on an automated trading algorithm.

automated algorithm on dragon's en scam

XtraderFX Is A CFD Broker Focused On The Crypt Currency Market.

At first glance can even be mistaken for a crypt exchange.


  • Bitcoin Accepted As Payment

With XtraderFX you can fund your account with Bitcoins as well as money.

The payment methods are credit cards like VISA and MasterCard, as well as wire transfer.

  • Regulation Or Lack Of It

XtraderFX is operated by GPAY Ltd., which claims to be registered in the UK.

All financial intermediaries, operating in UK, should be regulated by the local Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

I checked the FCA registers, but unfortunately there was no sign of XtraderFX or GPAY Ltd. either.

FCA registration search for GPAY and XtraderXF

XtraderXF numbers callingXtraderXF Never Stop Calling! ==>

When they asked me for money (£250) I gave it but I never saw it back I couldn’t cash it out!

When I gave up on it as I saw it was a SCAM they kept ringing me even after I said that I wasn’t interested in the platform anymore (me trying to be polite even when they stole my money!).

They kept ringing without stop from different phone numbers and demanding for an explanation and being very aggressive.

They only stopped when I said they were a Scam and they were very angry shouting at me.

Some Other Reviews From Another Victims

Ladie being scammed by xtraderxfman being scammed by xtraderxf





There is so many cases like that ones I personally fell for that but try to do researches and read reviews about this company’s and websites.

Peter Jones declaring the trader is a scam!Even one of the Dragon’s from BBC shared on Twitter is thoughts about this website.

As he says is legal team are already on investigation.

If you find these websites:

  • EuropeFX
  • The Bitcoin Code
  • Cyber Mentors
  • Bitcoin Trader
  • Bitcoin Loophole

Don’t sign up or invest your money on these websites as they are all Scam and all from the same person and the websites keep jumping from website to website.

Be cautious.

My rating: 0/5.

Do you want to earn easy money?

Well easy money? Easy money its impossible to earn money I’m telling you anyone will give anything for free or very easy, and if they do you should be careful on offers that seem very easy, do your search for reviews or if even that company exists.

I have been working on affiliate marketing for a while and let me tell you it wasn’t easy at the beginning falling for scams or almost falling for it!

But I was lucky let me tell you I found Wealthy Affiliate!

I knew about Facebook and Instagram ads but didn’t know the real deal the place that helped me get my freedom. They have taught me everything I know and all the community helped me with doubts and thriving when I didn’t believe in myself.

You can see for yourself! I always advise you to try for yourself.

There’s a free membership so you don’t need to pay for anything or even put your banking details

If you have any question or if you ever been scammed comment here where and how.

If you have any way to avoid scams or to identify them tells on the comment section.

Hope you enjoyed this post,



  • LanNSR

    Good job for sharing this one, I’m one of the victims of the bitcoin investment before. It’s the & platform. And, trust me after investing BTC on those platforms, they will immediately change your PIN, so you can’t even log into it or do a withdrawal.

  • Marcos Bittencourt

    It was a very helpful post. This type of company like XtraderXF is all over the internet. As you mentioned, easy money doesn’t exist. Always great to share this type of post with my colleagues. Thanks.

  • Richard

    Hello Lily,

    I was into crypto last year when Bitcoin almost hit 20,000 Satoshi. After it plummeted in value, I don’t even pay attention anymore. I’m just waiting to hopefully come back up to see if my money is still there. I’m glad I didn’t use the trading platform you mentioned here. I used Coinbase, but haven’t logged in it in a long time.

    Thank you for the valuable information.

  • Mark

    Thank you very much for the information!

    It’s necessary to know which websites or tools are a scam because there are tons of thousands on the Internet!!!

    I think there is no EASY MONEY to earn in the world, especially if we want to create sustainable and stable passive income. Every method I come up with needs a lot of hard work and patience!

    Thanks for the helpful review! Can’t wait to read more posts like this!! Keep it up!!!!

    Wish you all the best:)


  • Melissa Andrew

    I lost over 100k in an investment trading company last year; i was down because the company refused to let me make withdrawals and kept asking for more money…. My friend in the military introduced me to a private investigator; Agent Ralph he really offered the best service and he’s being really helpful, he’s made a successful recovery of 80% of my investment in 7 working days. I am so happy and grateful. i felt that someone else might be needing his help. feel free to reach out to him via him email address: agentralph345@gmail .com he will guide you on steps to take and get your investment back.

    • Lily

      Unfortunately that happens all the time I am so happy that you had some help to recover your money. Thank you for sharing that with all of us!

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